Market Hog Tags Available

Official Adams County Fair market hog ear tags may be picked up at the Extension Office during regular business hours beginning Monday, March 8. The office is open by appointment on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Please call the office at 937-544-2339 to schedule pick up of tags.  If you call ahead to make prior arrangements tags can be picked up on Wednesday or Friday during regular business hours.  An advisor, friend, or parent may pick up forms and tags. You do not have to pick them up yourself.

The possession deadline for market hogs is April 15. Again in 2021 exhibitors will submit their pictures and information using an electronic form.  The form located at asks for information regarding identification, possession, age and photographs of your animal and should be completed in its entirety by April 15.

When tagging your market hog, please be sure the button goes on the inside of the hog’s ear with the tag on the back side.  Please tag the animal’s left ear.

We will also be distributing the ractopamine free affidavit for producers and exhibitors.  If you purchase your market hogs, please be sure to have this form completed by the breeder.  You will submit the ractopamine free affidavit at fair check in on Monday morning of the fair.  These forms can be found at as well.


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