Quality Assurance Dates Added

Quality Assurance is required to exhibit market livestock at the 2020 Adams County Fair.  We have added two additional Quality Assurance dates to the schedule for 2020.  Quality Assurance is being conducted virtually using Zoom and members must preregister at go.osu.edu/adamsqa. Registration must be completed at least 48 hours before the session begins and a link will be sent to the email provided approximately 24 hours before the session.  Families should only register once and list any additional 4-H or FFA members that will be watching on the same form.  Please be mindful of the time slot you choose and remember to log on.  There are limited spots available for each session and when the capacity is reached it closes registration for that session making other members unable to register.

Quality Assurance is also available yqca.org.  There is a $12 fee to take the course and test at this site.  If you choose this option, please screenshot or print your completion certificate and email it to rowe.316@osu.edu.


Adams County Jr Fair King and Queen Contest

The 2020 Adams County Junior Fair Royalty applications are available at https://adams.osu.edu/…/4-h-youth-develo…/policies-and-forms.  Applicants must be a current member of a Junior Fair organization between 16 and 18 years of age as of January 1.  The Queen, King and their court serve as positive role models throughout the Adams County Fair and beyond.

Applications are due by June 1, 2020 and can be submitted at https://go.osu.edu/acjfroyalty.  Dates and times of interviews and crowning are subject to change.

Livestock Registration Links

In place of on site tag-in or mail in registration for 2020 we will be using an online submission form to register animals for the Adams County Junior Fair.  Livestock tags will not be distributed prior to fair check-in.  If your animal has an existing tag, tattoo, or ear notch, please enter that information in the appropriate box of the form.  If your animal does not have a tag or other identification and you are able to tag it using a farm tag you are free to do so.

All market animals will be required to upload photos as an additional identification method.  Breeding animals will not require photos.

Below are the links for each species.  These links and other important livestock information can also be found on our Livestock Projects Page or Horse Program Page.

2020 ACJF Market Goat Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Market Lamb Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Feeder Calf Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Market Hog Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Equine Registration  Due May 13

2020 ACJF Beef Breeding  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Breeding/Dairy/Other Goat Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Dairy Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Breeding Sheep Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Breeding Swine Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Breeding Rabbit Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Poultry Registration  Due June 1

2020 ACJF Market Rabbit Registration is coming soon!  Due June 18

For Market Livestock Exhibitors:
You will be required to upload 3 photos for each market animal you are registering, 1 of each side and one front/tag view.  Make sure to include all the required information listed on the registration submission.  If you are tagging in a “family animal” be sure to include it on one of the registration forms.  If the “family animal” box is checked, you can switch exhibitors at fair check in.  Each exhibitor MUST have at least one animal that is not a family animal.

For Horse Exhibitors:
If the horse is leased, you should upload the completed Lease Agreement.  If you are participating in the Shared Horse Program, please be sure to complete the Shared Horse Agreement and upload it as well.  These forms can be found at https://adams.osu.edu/program-areas/4-h-youth-development/horse-projects.

If you have questions, please contact the office at 937-544-2339 or e-mail Kristy at watters.92@osu.edu or Barbie at rowe.316@osu.edu.