Demonstration Contest Hosted on Adams County 4-H’s Facebook Page

We are challenging all Adams County 4-Her’s to participate in our county wide demonstration contest! Simply record a 3-5 minute 4-H project demonstration video and upload it as a comment on the post pinned to the top of the Adams County 4-H Facebook page. The demonstration with the most likes at noon on April 15th will win a pizza party for their entire 4-H Club!

Videos must be posted as comments on the original post on the Adams County 4-H Facebook page. Please make sure if you see the post as a shared post, you are going to the original post to upload your video. People can vote for which demonstration they like the best by clicking LIKE on their favorite video!

All video submissions must be posted by noon on April 15th!

A great resource for what should be in a good demonstration can be found:

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