Add/Drop Project Deadline Extended to April ❌ 30

Adams County 4-H has extended the deadline to add or drop a project to April ❌30 in order to give members and families as much flexibility as possible given the current situation.  In order to add/drop a project you will need to send an email to Kristy at or Barbie Rowe stating what project you would like to add or drop.  We will update your record in 4-H Online.

As you consider your projects going forward, Ohio 4-H offers this advice to livestock exhibitors:

  • 4-H members and their families should consider a number of factors as they make their decisions to purchase 4-H market livestock projects. As with any agricultural enterprise, possible risks and rewards must be taken into account. For example, we encourage families to consider their overall available budget, space to care for livestock, availability of alternative markets, availability of local processing and family freezer space.

Club advisors, please post your enrollment report in your Facebook group, email them out to your club or in some other way get confirmation from members that they are in the project(s) they want.  If you need assistance running an updated enrollment report, please reach out to Barbie and she can assist you.

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