Market Hog Deadline Extended

Due to restrictions currently in place because of COVID-19 we are extending the deadline for market hog registration cards and photos to May 8.  At this time we plan to distribute tags after the April 20 ban on activities has been lifted.  We are working on a plan B in the eventuality that date is extended beyond April 20.

The optional hog weigh in has also been postponed from April 18 to a later date.  We are working with Senior and Junior Fair Boards to reschedule that weigh in.

If you are purchasing market hogs from a breeder, remember to have them complete the producer affidavit for “Never Fed Ractopamine”.  You will need to submit this at check in during the fair along with an affidavit signed by the exhibitor and their parents/guardians stating you have not fed ractopamine.  Both of these affidavits can be found at .

Please continue to check your email regularly for updates.

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