Adams County Fair Market Hog Show Ractopamine Free in 2020

The Adams County Fair Market Hog show will be Ractopamine, known by brand names Paylean, Engain, etc., free this year.  This is a market driven decision that will give our junior fair exhibitors the best chance to receive a fair packer bid on their market hog project.  The process to ensure a ractopamine free show is still being finalized.  Exhibitors and their parents or guardians should expect to sign an affidavit certifying their project has not been fed ractopamine.  These documents will be sent via email to all members enrolled in a market hog project and will be available on our county website as soon as they are approved.

When choosing your animals, you should confirm that they have not been fed ractopamine and you should not offer it as a feed.  In order to prevent cross contamination from previous market hog projects, exhibitors should thoroughly clean pens, trailers, feeders, fans, etc.  The attached fact sheet provides further information to consider.  Additional information compiled by the Ohio Pork Council, The Ohio State University, the Ohio State Fair and the Ohio Department of Agriculture can be found at


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