PetPALS Comes to Adams County 4-H

Adams County 4-H is excited to offer the PetPALS project for members in 2020.  4-H PetPALS is a leader-directed, experience based, program linking young people and their pets with senior adults. The program utilizes the natural bond between youth and animals to promote positive youth development. Youth gain a greater appreciation for their pets, and experience compassion and caring for senior citizens through the 4-H PetPALS program.

In order for Adams County to offer PetPALS to its members, we needede trained Master 4-H PetPALS volunteers.  We currently have two Master 4-H PetPALS volunteers who will conduct a minimum of 20 hours of training for members, teaching them the skills needed for socializing and training their pets, and learning procedures and protocols for visiting various people and places.  These trainings must be attended by members enrolled in the program and their parent or guardian.  Dates, times and locations for these trainings will be set after the enrollment deadline in order to determine level of interest.

Many different types of pets are eligible to be part of the PetPALS program.  Dogs must have passed their American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen test and be retested regularly.  Other pets are evaluated using a Socialized PetPALS test to make sure they are suitable temperament for the program.  For more information on the PetPALS program visit Ohio PetPALS, check out the attached brochure or contact the Extension office.

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