Changes Coming for Market Hog Exhibitors

Many of you raising or showing market hogs have heard the recent buzz about ractopamine, often referred to by the brand names Paylean, Engain, etc.  Ractopamine is an FDA approved feed additive that is sometimes used to increase rate of gain and build muscle.  Recently, several meat packers have notified their suppliers that they will no longer purchase hogs that have been fed ractopamine.  This list of packers include buyers for many fairs in Ohio.

The Adams County Senior Fair Board and OSU Extension Adams County are aware of this situation.  We are currently working to gather information that will enable us to vote on rules for our 2020 fair.  The Ohio State Fair has announced they will be ractopamine free for 2020 which means animals fed the feed additive cannot show at State Fair.  Many counties are moving towards this ban on ractopamine but the manner in which it will be enforced varies greatly.    As we wait to receive guidance from the Ohio State Fair, I would encourage you to refrain from purchasing or feeding ractopamine in preparation for a possible ban on this substance.  Watch for more information as it becomes available.


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