Camp Fee Fundraiser Opportunity for Adams County 4-H Members

Adams County 4-H members can choose to participate in an additional fundraiser with the proceeds to be used for camp, Kids College, or other leadership opportunities through 4-H.  Order forms for the Alabama Candle Company are now available for members or advisers to pick up at the Extension Office.  The 4-H Advisory Committee will collect order forms and money on Monday, February 17. Candles are $12 each for a 9 oz jar and come in a wide array of scents.

This is a voluntary fundraiser and only members that choose to participate will have funds available to them.  Our goal is to give 4-H members an opportunity to earn money they can use for 4-H camps and other 4-H educational trips/experiences.  In previous years members have used this fundraiser to offset the fees for 4-H camp, Horse camp, Kids College, Leadership Washington Focus and more.

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