Junior Fair Sale Check Pick Up

Adams County Junior Fair Sale checks can be picked up on Tuesday, August 27 from 5- 7 p.m. at the Administration Building on the fairgrounds.  Please make every effort to have your check picked up that evening.  If you are unable to be there yourself, please make arrangements with an advisor or friend to pick up the check for you.

All members that participated in the Adams County Junior Fair Sale should send a thank you card to each buyer listed for your project.  The complete list of buyers can be found here.  Members should also send thank you notes to the sponsors of any awards received.  Those sponsors along with their addresses are listed on the back or bottom of each award.

The note should include a greeting, the specific reason you are thanking them, how you plan to use the funds or why you appreciated the award, a detail or comment about yourself, a closing and signature.  A thank you card may seem like a small gesture but it goes a long way to ensuring the success of our junior fair in the future.