Adams County 4-H Communication Contest

The Adams County 4-H Communication Contest will be held on Thursday, June 27th at 4 p.m. in the Government Center.  The Communication Contest provides members an opportunity to showcase their public speaking and marketing skills.  The Presentation Division can be entered as an individual or teams.  Juniors aged 8-10 will present a 5-7 minute long demonstration or illustrated talk without using technology.  Intermediate (11-13) and Senior (14 and up) members will speak for 8-10 minutes and may chose to use technology to supplement their presentation.  Team presentations should consist of two members sharing the speaking and teaching role.  If team members fall into different age divisions, they will compete in the older division.

Youth entering the Marketing Division will submit their entries for judging at 4 p.m. on June 27th but will not be required to present orally.  Juniors will complete a Thank You card with or without the use of computer graphics while Intermediate members will submit a Holiday Card (your choice of holiday) with or without the use of computer graphics.  Seniors entering this division will submit a 4-H Infomercial Promoting 4-H.  This should be a video “short” featuring some aspect of the county program, camp, junior fair, etc.

Members are eligible to enter in both the Presentation and Marketing Divisions of the Communications Contest.  In order to encourage participation in this terrific learning experience, beginning in 2019 the Communication Contest winners will receive cash prizes.  Registration form and rules can be picked up at the Extension Office or found at Adams County 4-H Forms.

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