2019 Market Hog Tags Available!

ID cards and official Adams County Fair ear tags may be picked up at the Market Hog Clinic on March 16 at the Fairgrounds or at the Extension Office during regular business hours beginning Monday, March 11. An advisor, friend, or parent may pick up forms and tags. You do not have to pick them up yourself.  The possession deadline for market hogs is April 15. The form asks for information regarding when and where you purchased your animal, or for the date of birth if the hog is farm bred and raised.
Taggers may be borrowed from Junior Fair Board, first come, first served. Remember to sanitize these or other borrowed pieces of equipment both before and after using them on your hogs. Borrowed taggers must be returned within 48 hours.
Tags should be placed in the animal’s left ear, unless there is a special circumstance, which should be noted on the form.
If you, club advisors, or others travel from farm to farm to tag members’ hogs, PLEASE PRACTICE BIOSECURITY! Use disposable boots and coveralls; strip and wash clothes in hot water and sanitize boots before wearing them back in your home barn; sanitize equipment between uses/farms; and so on.
Attach two or more photos to the ID card. The pictures will be used for identification purposes. Please attach one clear picture of each side of the hog. Include feet and leg markings, distinctive shoulder and butt markings, etc. If these two pictures do not show the eartag, include a third picture that does.
Completed ID cards, with all required photos and documentation, will be due back to the Extension Office by 4:00 pm on Monday, April 15. No late forms will be accepted.
Failure to tag your hogs and submit a completed form, with all required photos and documentation by April 15, will mean that you are NOT eligible to exhibit market hogs at the 2019 Fair.
No pre-fair weights will be collected on market hogs, since there will not be a centralized tag-in/weigh-in. Therefore, we will not be able to calculate rate-of-gain for market hogs and hold a production class at the fair. There will not be a Market Hog Production Champion in 2019. The Hog Outstanding Market Exhibitor for 2019 will be determined based on the exhibitor’s skillathon and showmanship placing, and the animal’s placing in its first market (type) class.
New for 2019 – Gilts and Barrows will be shown separately. The shows will run concurrently, alternating between gilt classes and barrow classes. Watch your email for more details.
If you have questions or concerns about the Market Hog Identification Process for 2019, contact Kristy Watters at the Extension Office at 937.544.2339 or via email at watters.92@osu.edu, or contact any of the Senior Fair Board Swine Committee members: Eric McCann, Jason Hupp, Jason Hesler and Nick Shreffler

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