Technology tools

Below we have listed a variety of tools that are vetted, licensed or (in some cases) supported by Ohio State, as well as additional “third party” tools.

Note that tools labeled as Ohio State supported or approved have been reviewed already for accessibility and security compliance; “supported” tools are those for which you can also receive tech help on campus via the ODEE Resource Center. When using other software and applications, you can find assistance via their websites or by contacting their support.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Blogging and wikis

Note taking and annotation

Mind mapping

Interactive whiteboard

Multimedia content creation (presentation, video, graphics, web)


Student response systems

Discussion and communication platforms

Virtual collaboration

* Remember… When using cloud-based third party tools, it’s up to you to make responsible choices that follow Ohio State policies around institutional data. Consider how students will interact with the tool and whether any sensitive data will be stored online. You may use the IDP calculator and cloud assessment registry to make a determination, and contact local IT or your security coordinator if you need more support.

Are there technology tools you are using that we should add to the list? Leave a comment below.

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    Would you consider polling in Zoom another tool like Top Hat or Kahoot for getting student responses?

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