Case 4

Class participating in a workshop in Active Learning Classroom (Campbell Hall room 100)


You took over a class that has only ever been taught one way–an hour of lecture with PowerPoint, followed by 20 minutes for questions, and maybe a homework reminder at the end. This term, you’ve been scheduled in an Active Learning Classroom, and you want to take advantage of this to change up the course plans. Class is 80 minutes long, and you have 65 students. They have a paper coming up on a topic that past students often struggled with. By the end of this week’s session, you want to ensure that they can analyze a set of potential choices and evaluate which will be the best way to proceed.

Think about it…
  • What active learning strategy or strategies could help your students reach these outcomes by the end of class?
  • What tech tool(s) could you use support to support this strategy?  Why?