Dear Leah…good eats?

Dear Leah

Q: Any suggestions on good places to eat either on or off campus?

A: As a twenty-two year old self-proclaimed food connoisseur, I place food as a very high priority. My mom says that for as long as she can remember, I have been the kid that when bribed with food, will do pretty much anything.

Excited about something? I celebrate by eating. Stressed about something? I eat the stress away. Procrastinating working on something? I cook an elaborate meal….and then eat it. Apologizing to someone? I’ll bake them something…and invariably eat some of it. As you can see, eating is something I hold near and dear to my heart, and I make it a point to know where the best food around is.

As for good on-campus eats, I can recommend a few things. According to my taste buds, the best French fries can be found at the Mirror Lake Creamery. Golden brown, crunchy on the outside and squishy potatoey on the inside, these French fries are to die for. A hiddenIMG_5065 gem on Ag Campus is the Subway nestled near the Veterinary Buildings, and just across from the Olentangy River Bridge. It’s the perfect go-to spot if you’re on campus and realize you forgot to pack your lunch for the day, and you’re not feeling like eating campus food. If breakfast is what you’re looking for, then Hang-Over Easy on South Campus is the spot to be. Open pretty much all day everyday, this breakfast spot is a favorite among students.


Feeling adventurous and want to move a bit off-campus? Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace is located about a 5-10 minute drive off-campus and offers customers ginormous finger-licking, belly-sticking, and pant-unbuttoning good hot dogs. Just down high street, East of campus, is another breakfast joint that willIMG_5062 make you glad breakfast can be enjoyed any time of the day. Jack and Benny’s is famous for their fresh squeezed orange juice, and their affordable yet delicious breakfast spread.

As food is clearly one of my passions, I could go on and on about what food I recommend eating. The North Market provides you with tantalizing and exotic eats, German Village gives you authentic German cuisine, The Melt and Thurman’s will both put some meat on your bones…the list is endless. However, while I enjoy eating at all of these places, my best advice is to just go explore yourself!! Columbus is a food city, with great places to eat on every street. Who knows, the best meal of your life could be just around the corner.



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