2022 ACEL Outstanding Senior: Mallary Caudill

The Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (ACEL) has named 13 students to the 2022 class of ACEL Outstanding Seniors. These students were selected by the faculty and staff of the department for their excellence both in and out of the classroom. Mallary Caudill, an agricultural communication major from DeGraff, Ohio, was named as one of ACEL’s Outstanding Seniors for 2022.

Read about Mallary’s Ohio State experience below.

Why did you choose your major?
I knew I wanted to study agricultural communication because I loved the creativity and writing component of the major and that I could connect it to the agriculture and natural resources industry.

Why did you choose to attend Ohio State?
I came from a family of buckeyes and Buckeye fans. I knew becoming part of the Ohio State network would be a great opportunity and experience.

What classes did you enjoy the most?
I was a nerd for Leah Curtis’s AGRCOMM 4530- Communicating Agricultural Issues, and of course, the senior capstone, AgriNaturalist class.

What student organizations were you involved in and what roles did you hold within those organizations?
I was active in Collegiate Farm Bureau at Ohio State and served in officer positions and Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow.

What internships did you complete and what were your responsibilities/projects as an intern?
I interned for Ohio Corn & Wheat, and Inspire PR Group. I participated in communication and policy projects for OCW and tagged along on several agricultural clients for Inspire.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
I don’t know yet, but I am excited to have a career in the agriculture field in communications or policy relations.

How did the pandemic impact your college experience? Is there anything you missed because of it?
Like everyone, I lost out on all kinds of opportunities as a college student, since more than half of my time as a student has been during the pandemic. However, I think what I missed out on the most was not the prestigious award and recognition opportunities but the times I said “oh I will just do that later, or next year, etc” as an underclassman, and then that experience wasn’t presented again.

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