Graduate students and faculty present posters at AAAE annual conference

At the 2022 American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) Annual Conference, our ACEL faculty and graduate students presented their research during a number of poster sessions. Those participating include:

“Breaking News! Cultivating Cultural Proficient Conversations Using Media Outlets”
PhD student Rafael Landaverde, master’s student Erica Summerfield, Dr. Mary Rodriguez and Dr. Annie Specht

“Marauder Agricultural Scholarship Program – Boosting Course Enrollment”
PhD student Katrina Swinehart Held, et el.

“Planning to Grow: Grading Preservice Lesson Plans with a Growth Mindset”
PhD student Hannah Parker, Dr. Amanda Bowling, PhD student Justin Pulley, and Dr. Kellie Claflin

“Taking Tractor Safety to the Virtual Limit”
PhD student Justin Pulley and Dr. Dee Jepsen

“#ScienceHug: An Examination of Twitter Science Communication Engagement”
Master’s student Sarah Thomas and Dr. Joy Rumble

“Addressing Food Systems Issues Through Youth Engagement: An Ohio Case Study”
Master’s student Kameron Rinehart, Dr. Amanda Bowling and Dr. Jera Niewoehner-Green

“Unmasking Audiences: A Cluster Analysis of Ohio 4-H Parents’ Believes about Masking Wearing”
Dr. Joy Rumble, Dr. Cara Lawson and PhD student Alyssa Rockers

“Food Labeling: An Examination of Bioengineered Food Disclosures”
Master’s student Madison Dyment, Dr. Joy Rumble, et al.

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