AAAE National Conference: Paper Sessions

At the 2022 American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) Annual Conference, our ACEL faculty and graduate students presented their research during research paper sessions. Those participating include:

“Describing Ingroup Prejudices Exhibited by School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers and Prejudice Predictive Demographics”
PhD student Colby Gregg and Dr. Amanda Bowling

“Examining How Alternatively Certified Teachers Participate in Agricultural Education Community of Practice”
Dr. Kellie Claflin et al.

“Teachers Perceptions of Administrator Actions in COVID-19 and Its Impact on Emotional Exhaustion: A Moderation Analysis of Teacher Self Efficacy”
PhD student Colby Gregg, PhD student Katrina Swinehart Held, PhD student Justin Pulley, PhD student Stephanie Jolliff, Dr. Amanda Bowling and Dr. Tracy Kitchel

“School-based agricultural education teachers’ lived experiences and motivational factors amid COVID-19”
PhD student Colby Gregg, Dr. Amanda Bowling and PhD student Rachael Ramsier

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