2022 ACEL Outstanding Senior: Hannah Ziegler

The Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (ACEL) has named 13 students to the 2022 class of ACEL Outstanding Seniors. These students were selected by the faculty and staff of the department for their excellence both in and out of the classroom. Hannah Ziegler, an agricultural communication major, was named as one of ACEL’s Outstanding Seniors for 2022.

Read about Hannah’s Ohio State experience below.

Why did you choose your major?
I chose to study agricultural communication because I wanted to make a difference within the industry by promoting the next generation of agriculture enthusiasts through verbal and written communication.

Why did you choose to attend Ohio State?
I chose to attend Ohio State because I wanted to pave a Scarlet and Gray legacy as a first generation college student. Being a Buckeye has allowed me to explore new opportunities and excel academically.

What classes did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed English 2260H with Dr. Stuart Lishan, Communication 2110 with Dr. Erin Armstrong, Animal Science 3130 with Dr. Benjamin Wenner, Animal Science 3307 with Ms. Bonnie Ayars, Agriculture Communication 5130 with Mr. Thomas Stewart, Agriculture Communication 5135.01 with Dr. Emily Buck, and Agriculture Communication 4130 with Dr. Annie Specht.

What student organizations were you involved in?
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, I have not been as involved with student organizations as I had initially hoped to be. However, I have served the Buckeye Dairy Club at the 2021 Buckeye Classic Sale and Spring Dairy Expo, and I have been involved with the Towers Agricultural Honorary which has allowed me to build lasting friendships.

What internships did you complete and what were your responsibilities/projects as an intern?
I have previously completed internships at Kalmbach Feeds INC (logistics/supply chain, customer service, and nutrition) and Ohio Beef Council (social media and marketing). Currently I am a social events intern at Ohio Pork Council, where I am responsible for creating signage and promoting producer and consumer events.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
I am planning to return home upon graduation with the goal of carrying on my family’s five-generation farm as my primary responsibility.

What stands out as your best college memory?
My favorite memory of being a student at Ohio State was sitting on the couch at 2390 with my best friends Abby, Emily, Kayla, and Megan telling jokes, watching movies, and day-dreaming about our future plans!

How did the pandemic impact your college experience? Is there anything you missed because of it?
The COVID-19 Pandemic limited how involved I could be with on-campus activities. I wish I would’ve been able to experience more as a student, but I understand that everything happens for a reason!


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