ACEL Distinguished Senior: Brenna Loxley

Brenna Loxley is a senior studying agriscience education with a minor in production agriculture. Originally from Arcanum, Ohio, Brenna is a graduate of Arcanum High School. She is one of 14 seniors from the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership to be selected as an ACEL Distinguished Seniors.

Why did you choose your major?
I chose my major because I knew I wanted to be involved in agriculture but I also really enjoy working with youth and knew the opportunities agricultural programs offered.

Why did you choose to attend Ohio State?
Coming from a family of die-hard Buckeyes, I knew I should at least consider Ohio State. I came to visit my brother during his time on campus and knew that this would be the place for me.

What classes did you enjoy the most?
I really loved my teaching methods and community leadership courses, as well as the military history course I took for a general education credit.

What student organizations have you been involved in as a student?
Agriculture Education Society (recruitment chair and vice-president)
Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority (Founder’s Day chair)






What internships and field experience did you complete?
I was a field scout for Harvestland Co-op, a GrownNextGen ambassador (Ohio Soybean Association), and then an Urban Farm Camp Counselor at Sunbury Urban Farm.

Being a field scout got me super interested in agronomy and now it is something I enjoy even more teaching students. Being a GNG ambassador and working as a camp counselor just reassured me that educating others was something I loved to do!

What stands out as your best college memory?
The last night I was in Nicaragua on the first-year student education abroad program, we as a class got pizza at the hotel. Just sitting there and reflecting on our trip after finishing our first semester of college was such a turning point for me in my college career. I knew then that Ohio State was home and that I had many great opportunities ahead of me.

Why should someone else consider your major at Ohio State?
It’s perfect for people who don’t only want to teach in schools, but if you really care about educating the public about agriculture. There are so many components of the major and we truly get experience in all aspects, not only teaching in schools.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
I plan to either attend grad school to earn my master’s degree in agricultural education or jump straight into teaching!


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