ACEL Distinguished Senior: Allyson McCurdy

Ally McCurdy is a senior studying community leadership with a specialization in community and extension eduction and a double major human development and family science. She is originally from Marion, Ohio and is a graduate of Pleasant High School. She is one of 14 students to be named an ACEL Distinguished Senior for 2021.


Why did you choose your major?
I choose my major in community leadership due to my own career aspirations as well as knowing that I would get the individualized education in my major and department. I would not simply be a number in a classroom. 

Why did you choose to attend Ohio State?
I actually committed to attending Ohio State before I toured campus during my senior year. I want to work as an extension agent within 4-H so why would I choose somewhere else when I can learn from the best in extension education at Ohio State

What classes did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed many of my classes within my major including program development and evaluation with Dr. Sheer and statistics with Dr. Bowling. These were both amazing classes with amazing professors who were there for you when you needed it.

Tell us about the organizations you were involved with as a student.
Alpha Sigma Upsilon was an incredibly important part of my time at Ohio State. I have been the scholarship chair, fundraising chair and then the treasurer within this organization. 

What internships did you complete and how did they help you decide what you did or did not want to do after graduation?
I did an internship with Hardin County Extension the summer after my freshman year and I did learn that I wanted to be an extension educator but also that I really enjoy the family consumer science side as well as 4-H.

What stands out as your best college memory?
I am really not sure what would be my best. There are so many, ranging from riding scooters around campus to meeting one of my best friends. There are so so many memories that I will always cherish.

Why should someone else consider your major at Ohio State?
There are so many reasons why someone should consider community leadership at Ohio State. This is a great department and major with some of the best professors who are truly there to help you achieve your goals.

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