ACEL Distinguished Senior: Solomon Garner

Solomon Garner is a senior studying community leadership with a specialization in leadership and a minor in youth development. A Columbus, Ohio native, Solomon is a graduate of Briggs High School. He is one of 14 seniors from the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership selected as an ACEL Distinguished Senior.

Why did you choose your major?
Initially, I chose my major because I wanted to one day help the community I grew up in, which is the Hilltop area in Columbus. I knew that community development was needed to make it a better place. However, there’s so many communities in need and I wanted a way to help more than just my own.

Why did you choose to attend Ohio State?
Ohio State has one of the greatest reputations in the world, and I was always fond of the dream being a part of a such an illustrious institution.

What classes did you enjoy the most?
This is a tough choice but five classes I for sure enjoyed the most were: Community Leadership (COMLDR 5000), Professional Leadership Ethics (COMLDR) 5430, Advanced Agricultural Communication and Technology (AGRCOMM 5530), Community, Environment, and Development (ENR 3500), and Public Service and Civic Engagement (PUBAFRS 2120)

What internships did you complete and how did they help you decide what you did or did not want to do after graduation?
I completed my internship with Dr. King in the OSU Leadership Center. This internship confirmed what I want to do after graduation and confirmed that I made the right decision in choosing my major. My internship consisted of answering the question and goal of “how to intentionally incorporate social justice issues into leadership development programs?” This internship challenged me ethically, morally, and intellectually in terms of leadership. It called for me to view community for who and what it is, while checking, addressing, and removing my implicit bias to properly address the community in awareness of social justice.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
I plan to either enter the workforce or attend graduate school for a Master of Science with a concentration in leadership.

What stands out as your best college memory?
Volunteering with Zero Waste during the football season, along with attending games and storming the fields when we win, stands out as my best college memory.

Why should someone else consider your major at Ohio State?
If one is looking for a challenge and community that will plant the seeds for them to grow and change the world as we know it, community leadership is for you. The community leadership major will provide one with the tools to grow into the leader they believe themselves to be. The tools to impact and ignite the lives of others around them.

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