ACEL Distinguished Senior: Sean Fitzsimmons

Sean Fitzsimmons is a senior studying agriscience education with minors in production agriculture and agribusiness. Hailing from Wooster, in beautiful Wayne County, Ohio, Sean is a graduate of Hillsdale High School. He is one of 14 seniors from the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership to be selected as an ACEL Distinguished Senior.

Why did you choose your major?
I chose agriscience education because more than anything I am passionate about developing rural communities and investing in their growth. That starts with the students of these areas and their teachers provide a huge impact on them.

Why did you choose to attend Ohio State?
When I began looking at colleges, I was set on leaving the state and going somewhere new. However, I still wanted to at least tour Ohio State before I decided. As I walked down the path from the Oval to Mirror Lake on my tour as a senior in high school, I looked around and just felt like I was at ‘home.’ I didn’t really know how to describe it but I knew from that moment on I wasn’t going anywhere else.

 What classes did you enjoy the most?
I think my favorite class I have ever taken is probably human and animal interactions. It was an amazing class taught by great professors, and it gave me a real appreciation and understanding of the relationship we have as agriculturalists with the animals we care for and use. It was a class that made me think more critically and really appreciate all of our four-legged friends out there. Not to mention, the behind the scenes zoo and farm tours were pretty neat.

What student organizations were you involved in as a Buckeye?
I have been a member of the Agricultural Education Society, the vice-president of finance with FarmHouse Fraternity, and involved with H20 Campus Missions. I have also worked at the Jerome Schottenstein Center where I was a janitor for the men’s and women’s basketball teams (one of the best jobs ever!) and up until student teaching, I worked at the other best job ever, as a student worker in the amazing ACEL department.

Overseeing the ACEL offices.

What internships did you complete and how did they help you decide what you did or did not want to do after graduation?
I have held one summer long internship with Teach Ag Ohio, where I was able to travel around Ohio and meet students in diverse agricultural classrooms and teach them about career opportunities within agriculture. I have also held an internship for going on four years now with Wayne Savings Community Bank where I have learned the importance of an independent, community based financial institution. My primary role there has been within the agricultural business field, where I am a member of the commercial lending team in which we help make financial dreams of our customers and farmers a reality. These internships have helped me see that I am passionate for people and communities in rural Ohio and I want to spend the rest of my life helping develop these areas.

Talking with FFA members about careers in agriculture at the Ohio FFA Convention.

Speaking with high school students about careers in agriculture.

What stands out as your best college memory?
My favorite Ohio State memory is probably all the times my fraternity brothers and I spent late nights exploring and taking in campus. Nothing made me appreciate the beauty of the Oval and Mirror Lake more than our late-night walks where we got to share great conversations, and even better company. How firm thy friendship!

With fraternity brother Ryan.

Why should someone else consider your major at Ohio State?
Anyone who has a passion for developing rural communities should consider this major. If you are someone who wants to make a huge impact in rural youths’ lives you absolutely should be in agriscience education at THE Ohio State University.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
After I graduate, I hope to continue to teach agriculture, or to continue to help farmers and business owners grow at Wayne Savings Community Bank.


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