Ohio 4-H Week Alumni Spotlight: Lindsey Okuley

Lindsey Okuley is a first-year studying agricultural communication at Ohio State. She is from Wapakoneta, Ohio – Auglaize County, where she was an active member of the Fryburg Happy Farmers 4-H Club for 7 years. 

During your time in 4-H, what projects did you complete?

I completed various poultry projects and was also a member of the junior fair board. 

What did you learn through your involvement in 4-H?

I learned the value of responsibility, how to lose, and how to effectively work to solve issues as a team member and leader.

Why did you turn Green & White into Scarlet & Gray?

4-H helped flame the fire of the love I had for agriculture. It helped guide me to Ohio State and CFAES due to connections I made through my show days and experiences unique to 4-H through OSU.

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