Burger awarded American FFA Degree

Written by:
Leslie BurgerĀ 
community leadership

My FFA experience in one simple word would be incredible.

Every person I have met, every contest I participated in, every chapter event I attended, and every lesson I have learned has had a huge impact on my life. During my time in FFA, I had so many amazing experiences, and I always had fun no matter what I was doing.

When I started my FFA career my freshman year of high school, I made it my goal to one day receive my American Degree. I got most of my inspiration to go for my American Degree from my grandpa. He loved hearing about all of my FFA experiences and he loved seeing the awards I had won, and seeing his face light up when I walked into the kitchen was the best feeling in the world. When he passed away in 2017, it was a hard time for my family. But I knew that he would have wanted to see me accomplish anything I tried, and I wanted to make him proud by receiving my American FFA Degree.

Only 1% of FFA members will receive this degree, and it is a huge honor to be a recipient of this degree, and I am so proud of my hard work and accomplishments. Knowing that my parents and family are so proud of me is an amazing feeling because all I ever want to do is make them proud. The National FFA Organization is just amazing, and I will always be thankful for the time I have spent in this organization. I have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime because of FFA, and I would do it all again.

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