Honduras Study Abroad: Blog

While our study abroad experience was in Honduras, they blogged daily for family and friends to stay up to date on their trip. You can read about the tours, service work, cultural experiences and fun that took place during those 16 days.

Day 1: Hurry up, and wait
Day 2: Our second day in Honduras
Day 3: Choluteca Vocational School and work (plus, Day 3: Photos)
Day 4: A visit to Apacilagua
Day 5: A trip to a sugarcane farm
Day 6: It’s off to work we go
Day 7: Rest, reflection and celebrating mothers
Day 8: Projects at the mission house
Day 9: Siete de Mayo
Day 10: Mercado and healthcare (plus, Day 10: Photos)
Day 11: Building Bathrooms
Day 12: A visit to the island
Day 13: Celebrating Mothers Day, part 2
Day 14: Adios Choluteca
Day 15: La Familia



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