Honduras Study Abroad: Photo Voices

At the end of each study abroad in Honduras, students create a photo voice and share with their peers. A photo voice is a combination a photo and words that effectively express communities and individual’s needs, problems and desires. Many university professors across the country use the photo voice model when teaching social sciences, which is a great fit for our students to share the impact this expereinece study abroad experience

After the photo voice presentations are shared by the students, they are added to the study abroad blog for students to share with family and friends.

Below are the links to each photo voice created by our students (and a few staff, too!):

Ohio State
Beauty at a distance by Katherine Bell
Is it self-satisfaction? by Anwar Elkhatib
Innovations with impact by Courtney Fulton
A new hope by Paul Gerdeman
The little things in life by Jamie Gothard
Lasting impact by Katrina Harper
Not me by Logan Heiby
A little piece of home by Sarah Landis
Cut off from innocence by Emelia Martin
Building bridges by Cody McClain
A shared reflection by Abby Motter
A hunger for education by Robby Thiel
Be the change by Adam Wagner
Education with limitations by Sam Wander
Free yourself from the prison of your mind by Tara Vorst
The remarkable by Trina Beebe

Utah State
The race by Ashley Cromer
A treasured tejaban by Matthew Rinta
His Love by Cameron WestIf not me, who? by Laura Dotson

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