A Little Bit of Everything Related to Ag Productions: ASE Guide to ASM

By: Christine Balint
agriscience education

I grew up in the agricultural education classroom and I felt pretty confident about the material my teacher was able to provide us. I learned how to make my own sawhorse, how to wire some electrical circuits, and I even learned how to weld two pieces of metal together! These are some things I could have never imagined learning in the classroom, and its part of the reason why I chose to major in agriscience education. If you really enjoyed this part of FFA and the ag classroom, then you are sure to love ASM 4300.

Dewey Mann is the kind professor who has taken on this huge course for the past couple of years. The course encompasses engineering and technology applications that are essential to the operation, selection, and management of the processes, machinery, structures, soil and water, and materials handling systems in agriculture. If you can’t believe this course covers all of those topics, you would be amazed at the activities and events Mr. Mann provides throughout the term of the course.

I never had the opportunity to use agricultural machinery in a field (as I did not come from a farm background) and in this course I drove combines, tractors, and other implements! I learned how to test soil for phosphorus and measure field yield efficiency. These skills are vital in the agricultural community and it’s important for an educator to understand the basics of production agriculture. When we didn’t spend our days visiting seed companies and talking with implement dealers, we would learn about the electrical circuits, small engines,  plumbing and fitting, you name it! This class has provided me a list of skills I can proudly demonstrate for my future students in the classroom. From concrete to land surveying, to welding and harvesting, ASM 4300 is a well-rounded course that incorporates numerous aspects of the agricultural industry you may not learn about in other courses or aspects of life. Not an agriscience education major? Fear not! This course is designed not just for agricultural educators and would definitely be a great class recommendation for students who are interested in production agriculture!

A special thanks to Dewey Mann for instilling these valuable skills into timid students who have a passion for agriculture.

Taking a little break during a lab to snap a photo with Rachel, a fellow agriscience education student.


I loved the experience of driving this machinery!

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