Agricultural Communication, More Than a CDE

By: Josie Montoney
agricultural communication


The Agricultural Communications Career Development Event was by far the biggest factor behind my decision to pursue a degree in agricultural communication – it truly exemplified the idea that CDEs are put in place to fulfill the FFA’s mission of “career success”.

From the time I began to compete in the contest my freshmen year, it piqued my interest as a way for me to find my niche in the agricultural industry. I hadn’t grown up on a farm, yet I had an undeniable passion for sharing the industry with those who hadn’t been provided with the same exposure as I had experienced from 4-H and FFA.

Through the wonderful coaching of my agriscience educator, Mr. Scott Sharp, I was able to hone my skills in writing, graphic design, editing, planning/marketing, and presenting – all skills that have given me an upper hand in nearly every endeavor I have pursued, especially my college education. This CDE provided me with a clear mindset of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, which is a luxury very students are afforded with.

I cannot stress enough that any FFA member who has enjoyed this contest should heavily consider the agricultural communication major- it’s the first step in choosing a career that will truly make a difference.


Josie Montoney (left) at the Agricultural Communications CDE.


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