Meet the AES Officer Team

The 2017 executive team for Agricultural Education Society was announced at the annual banquet on November 15, 2016. The new officers shared their expectations for the coming year and why they decided to join Ag Ed Society.

2017 Agricultural Education Society Executive Team

2017 Agricultural Education Society Executive Team. From LtoR: Cody McClain, Christine Balint, Courtney Fulton, Katherine Bell, Abby Motter and Blake Campbell.


Blake Campbell, AES President
Waterford, Ohio
Agriscience Education

I am most excited to serve the Agricultural Education Society as President over the next year. I am excited to see our organization grow in the rich history that we have had over the past 135 years. Over the next year we will be focusing on our education and outreach through educating elementary students around Columbus about agriculture. I am excited to see our members grow as individuals and see each of them continue to share their own personal story about agriculture.
I joined Ag Ed Society because I wanted to share my story about agriculture. I come from a deep family history of agriculture with many stories to hear and tell. We all have stories of our own and if we take the time to hear each others stories, we will grow as an individual. Since I have joined AES I have grown as a person and I look forward to growing even more over the next year.
Abby Motter, AES Vice-President
Mansfield, Ohio
Agriscience Education
I’m most excited about serving as Vice President because I have the opportunity to increase the enthusiasm and participation of our members through organization of committees, improved efficiency, and adequate planning for our events – focusing on quality over quantity!
I joined AES because I wanted to be a part of the tradition, we are the oldest student org at the university! In addition, I wanted to further my personal and professional development as a pre-service teacher, and participate in educational outreach events that benefit our Columbus community.
Cody McClain, AES Treasurer
Upper Sandusky, Ohio
Agriscience Education

I never have held a treasurer’s position in a student organization, but I have always wanted to because I enjoy working with finances. I am excited to being leader in an organization that promotes student growth.

I joined AES becasue I wanted to meet and collaborate with individuals who were also passionate about educating and advocating for agriculture.

Christine Balint, AES Secretary
Vermilion, Ohio
Agriscience Education

 I am excited to work with the new officer team and to continue my work as the ‘communicator’ within the club. I’ve been told I send some interesting emails that can grab your attention! I hope our organization continues to grow not only in numbers, but also with the events and services we promote to the community.
I joined AES because it is the oldest organization at The Ohio State University and I wanted to be apart of a group that was committed to spreading agricultural awareness as well as devote their time to serving the community. I’ve been exposed to students who showcase great leadership ability and I am proud to say I get to work with them as future co-workers.
Katherine Bell, AES Reporter
Liberty Center, Ohio
Agriscience Education
As the reporter I’m excited to get AES name out to the college. I want more people to know about our club and what we do.
I joined AES because I not only wanted to get to know my fellow educators, but I also wanted to teach. Ag Ed Society gives me both of those in one club!
Courtney Fulton, AES Representative to CFAES Student Council


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