Where are they now? 2016 Recap



During 2016, we featured a small number of our alumni in our “Where are they now?” series. These alums of the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership, although many of them graduated when the department was known as the Department of Human and Community Resource Development, shared their current roles in the communication, education, and leadership and agricultural industries, as well as how their education prepared them for their career. They were also gracious enough to share a few words of advice!

Thank you to the following alums for sharing your story!

Matt Reese, ’99
Jared Coppess, ’03
CFAES Outstanding Seniors of 2004 and 2005
Dan Toland, ’05
Jenny Wensink, ’06
Melinda McKay Witten, ’07
Curtis Niedermier, ’07
CFAES Outstanding Seniors of 2006 and 2007
CFAES Outstanding Seniors of 2013
Caroline Weihl, ’14
Stacie Seger McCracken, ’15
Meg Bennett, ’15

Are you an alum and would be interested in having your story shared on the ACEL blog? Send an email to acel@osu.edu.

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