My American FFA Degree: Cody McClain

Cody McClain
Agriscience Education



The American FFA degree is the highest degree that an FFA member can receive, and I had the opportunity to receive this honorable degree on October 22, 2016.

Throughout my lifetime, I have always strived to reach my fullest potential regardless of the obstacles that I faced. Receiving my American FFA degree was a goal that I set for myself after I had attended my first National FFA convention my freshman year of high school. I was born and raised on a grain production farm, and I had the opportunity to have many first hand experiences with growing and harvest crops for production agriculture. These experiences guided my passion for agriculture and everlasting interest to be active in the industry.

When I joined the Upper Sandusky FFA, I soon realized that I would be able to practice my very own agriculture business through an supervise agriculture experience project, which lead me to seek out the other endeavors in FFA such as the National American degree. As I endured my final State FFA convention, I recognize the impact that the FFA organization made in my life, so I decide at that moment that I wanted to continue to pursue my passion for agriculture and make a difference in the lives of other agriculturist as a FFA advisor.

Since the application deadline for the OSU Columbus had closed, I decided to attend Ohio State ATI. This was the beginning of a journey that created remarkable memories and allowed me to continue my tradition of excellence in the field of agriculture.

Even thought I retired my FFA jacket and finish a chapter of my life, I have began another chapter that will be fulfilled with new and exciting experiences. The American FFA degree is a major milestone in my life that will benefit my future success as an educator. To this end, I am thrilled that I am studying to be an agricultural educator and hope to help today’s youth in agriculture be able to wear their FFA jacket proudly and receive their American FFA degree.

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