My American FFA Degree: Micah Mensing

Micah Mensing
Oak Harbor, Ohio
Agriscience Education

I can remember six years ago sitting in the Agriscience Education classroom at Oak Harbor High School. As I worked through my freshman year I had the opportunity to experience state FFA convention. This experience ignited my passion for the FFA as I learned of the multitude of opportunities I could take advantage of over the next four years.

During those inspirational days as I thought about my future in this incredible organization I dreamed of one day having the opportunity to be recognized on the state and national level. Fortunately enough throughout my FFA journey my Supervised Agriculture Experience developed, and opportunities to serve my community increased. These events combined with my passion for agriculture allowed me to receive my State FFA Degree. Receiving this degree inspired me to set a new goal, I was determined to one day walk across the stage at National FFA Convention and receive the highest degree one could earn.

Fast-forward two years to this weekend when I zipped up my blue jacket for the final time. Emotions of thankfulness, passion, and excitement all filled my heart as I prepared to complete my final goal as a member. As I consider my accomplishment I am forever thankful for the incredible people that have guided and impacted me along the way, the life lessons that I have learned, and the experiences that have built me to be the person that I am today while on the journey to receive the American FFA Degree.


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