Where Are They Now: Caroline Weihl


Two years ago, Caroline Weihl graduated from The Ohio State University from the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership. Today, she is using those experiences to help American farmers in the Midwest as a seed advisor manager with Syngenta in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Caroline knew in college that she wanted to be able to speak on behalf of today’s agriculturalists, and make a difference in the industry. Upon graduation, with a degree in agricultural communication and a minor in agribusiness, Caroline started a four-month training role in the Syngenta Developmental Sales Representative Program where she managed a territory and learned day-to-day sales. From there, she moved within the company working in the Crop Protection Business. Now as a seed advisor manager, Caroline works with Syngenta Seed Advisors offering value through seed and seed care. afa2015_1540

While spending her undergraduate career focused on agricultural communication and being an AgriNaturalist editor, the position of “seed advisor manager” wasn’t exactly on Caroline’s radar. Never having any practical experience outside of one class in college, Caroline wouldn’t have dreamed that her degree in agricultural communication would lead her down this path. However, with an open mind and a lot of ambition, Caroline followed where her opportunities led her. Even now, working in what is primarily an agribusiness position, Caroline draws upon her agricultural communication background.

Aside from working with Syngenta, Caroline spends her time bodybuilding, crafting, cooking, traveling, and, aligned with her degree in communications, she loves photography. Offering some words of wisdom to future graduates, Caroline says, “One of the best pieces of advice I have to give is to have an open mind in college about where your career can go.”


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