An Enjoyable EFE

By: Katherine Bell
Liberty Center
Agriscience Education

This past May I was required to complete an Early Field Experience (EFE) for my major. Since I am a agriscience education major this meant that I had to help a teacher in the agricultural education profession for two weeks, and complete various assignments to be turned in at the end.

As I was going through my EFE it gave me a sense of satisfaction for the major I have chosen. I was able to help students with problems they had, help the teacher with anything she needed, grade assignments, complete any jobs she needed done, and I also got the opportunity to teach a few various leadership games to her AG 1 class.

Some of these game included tying six strings to a pen and having a group of students write a word, to putting a small tape square on the floor and having the entire class have one foot in the square without touching outside of it. I loved being in charge in the room and by the end of it, having the students know who I was. It gave a reassurance that I have chosen the right major. I cannot wait to see these what these next three years have in store for me!

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