Meet the ACT Officer Team

Joel Penhorwood, ACT President
West Mansfield, Ohio
Agricultural Communication, minors in AEDE and Aviation

What do you choose to run for your officer position? I felt the position of president was one that my skill set would fit well and that I could bring energy to. I knew of Ohio State’s outstanding ACT program while I was in high school and it was a big part of the reason I became a Buckeye.

Why did you decide to join ACT? The reputation of OSU’s ACT program reached me while I was in high school and looking at different schools. I knew programs specific to majors were important and the fact that ACT was so involved while offering a comfortable, easy-going atmosphere where I could put my talents to work made a big impression on me my first semester on campus.

Why did you choose your major? While I was in high school, I decided to take my passion for news and agriculture into my own hands by following the encouragement of a family friend who happened to be on the radio. As a result, I started my own podcast and my farm broadcasting passion hasn’t taken a break since. I knew wherever I went to further my education, I wanted to go into agricultural communication. Ohio State called my name for several reasons, one of which being the concern of the CFAES staff for students on a one-on-one basis. The ACEL department has given me more opportunities than I could’ve ever imagined when I originally chose to be a Buckeye. Today, I couldn’t be happier about choosing Ag Comm as my focus.​


Devon Alexander, ACT Vice President
Anna, OH
Agricultural Communication

What do you choose to run for your officer position? I chose to run for vice president because I wanted to take on more responsibility for a club that has provided me with numerous opportunities to grow and develop as a student and professional.

Why did you join ACT? I decided to join ACT because I knew it would provide me with opportunities to connect with industry professionals in my desired career.

Why did you chose your major? I chose my major because I enjoy starting the conversation about agriculture.


Summer McCracken, ACT Secretary
Anna, Ohio

What do you choose to run for your officer position? I enjoyed the club activities and felt I could learn leadership skills by conducting the events.

Why did you join ACT originally? My minor is agricultural communication.

Why did you chose your major? I appreciate and understand the need for business in the world. I enjoy the options agribusiness has to offer.


Karli Lump, ACT Treasurer
DeGraff, Ohio
Agricultural Communication

Why did you choose to run for your officer position? I wanted to become more involved with everything that ACT does for students as well as the college itself and earn more responsibility within the club.

Why did you join ACT? I wanted to make connections not only with fellow students involved in agricultural communications, but with industry representatives as well. Coming from a very small town, it was important to me to get involved within the college and meet new people. With ACT, I had a chance to meet students with similar interests and make new friends!

Why did you choose your major? I always knew I wanted to do something along the lines of communications and marketing. When I was researching majors in high school, I came across the CFAES website and found information on agricultural communications. I knew right away it was exactly what I wanted to do!

Jordan Bonham
, CFAES Student Council Representative
Washington Court House, OH
Agricultural Communication

Why did you choose your major? I knew I wanted to go in the sales and marketing field and felt that Agricultural Communication was the best choice for me. I chose Ag Comm to to get a better understanding of how to design and create materials through different outlets that works for different audiences. If I had an understanding of the how to market to my customers, then learning what I needed to market could be accomplished through different internships and job opportunities. Since I am a hands on person, this route was the best option so I could learn hands on what to market and could learn through my course work how to market.

Why did you join ACT? As a new student I decided to join ACT because it was an easy way to get involved with my major and my department staff. However, after a couple of meetings I realized that there was so much more to ACT and that it was an organization that I truly enjoyed. It is a great feeling to be surrounded with people who are so passionate about what they do!

Why did you choose to run for your officer position? I chose to run for an officer position because I wanted to give back to the club and be more involved in the club. ACT is a great organization that is consistently working to better our students and I wanted to assist in that effort and have a bigger impact.





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