Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

By: Tricia Schoen
Bellevue, OH
Agriscience Education

Let me just first say, I’ve learned that if you’ve never had any experience with Greek Life, it’s hard to look from the outside and understand it, and if you are involved with Greek Life, it’s hard to explain what it really means in a concise definition. So as I try to explain to you these reasons, know that some feelings and emotions cannot be explained because they cannot be put into words.

As I understand Greek Life is not for everyone, here are some reasons why joining my agricultural sorority recreated my passion for agricultural education.

1. Different Places, One Cause.
Rural, urban, out of state, in state, we all came from different places. We were all raised differently with different experiences but we all have an interest in one thing: agriculture. These women have taught me how to become a better educator to all different people, not just people who grew up the same way I did.

2. Agriculture is not just about cows and plows.
Although it can be easy to get caught up in teaching about livestock and crop production, the diversity of majors that come throughout my sorority have rejuvenated my ideas on what to teach in the classroom. Food science, agricultural communications, environmental sustainability,  and agricultural economics are just a few aspects of agricultural that I now can teach in my future classroom.

3. Service never goes out of style.
Even though we are required to have service hours every semester, the women in my sorority never cease to amaze me about their love to give back to the community. Whether that be volunteering at a pumpkin patch or doing activities for our philanthropies to FarmAid and the American Heart Association, I hope to instill that same initiative into my future program.

4.  Networking is everything.
Throughout my short time I’ve been a part of Alpha Sigma Upsilon, I have met some of the most amazing people. Getting to personally know every girl in my sorority, my network coming into college now has exponentially grown. I now will be able to call upon these women in the future and forever, as references for my teaching and for my students. I now have a whole network that many will never have the chance to receive, and I am grateful.

Tricia and her Alpha Sigma Upsilon sisters.

Tricia and her Alpha Sigma Upsilon sisters.

As someone who came into Greek Life so I could build my resume, I never thought my sorority would recreate my passion for agricultural education, and how I look at it. For that I am forever  grateful and in debt to the women of Alpha Sigma Upsilon.


Tricia wrote this blog post as an in class assignment for the agricultural communication 2367 writing course. All opinions are her own.

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