Agriculture is Home, especially Agricultural Education Society

By: Miranda Miser
Cumberland, Ohio
Agricultural Communications

A little over a year ago I became a member of The Agricultural Education Society; the oldest student organization on campus. Not being an Agriscience Education major, I was very skeptical about joining this group. I had been warned numerous times through orientation, and peers to not become over involved or join organizations that take up too much time. However, joining Ag Ed Society helped acclimate me to college life and introduced me to lifelong friends.

At my first meeting, officer applications were passed out and new members were encouraged to apply for committee chair roles. I, being ambitious, decided to take on a leadership role not knowing an abundant amount of information about the group. I applied for and received the position of fundraising chairman. I was immediately given the task of coming up with fundraising events and implementing them. The society’s largest fundraiser of the year is working the Schmidt’s Sausage stand at Farm Science Review.

Even though implementing this event would be simple for some, to me it was a struggle. I was in charge of finding students to work time slots, and cover all shifts. This tested my leadership skills in a way I was unfamiliar with. We were short on people, so I volunteered to work as many shifts as I could.

The thought of driving to London, Ohio every day and serving food made me bitter. But once I got there, started working with the other students I was hooked. In those few short hours I had made friends that I knew would last a life time. We even did a cheer for Schmitt’s world famous cream puffs. It went along the lines of “We got cream puffs, yeah! We got cream puffs.” This was such an awesome opportunity where I was able to laugh and learn.

Miranda (orange hat) and two fellow Ag Ed Society members working at the Schmidt's Sausage Stand at Farm Science Review.

Miranda (orange hat) and two fellow Ag Ed Society members working at the Schmidt’s Sausage Stand at Farm Science Review.

I never thought that a student organization would open the door to lifelong friendships and leadership opportunities. Through the meetings, service opportunities and social events, I have learned to call this organization my home. It’s the place that has truly made my love of agriculture grow and it has also made me certain that I want a career in this industry.



Miranda wrote this blog post as an in class assignment for the agricultural communication 2367 writing course. All opinions are her own.

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