The Struggle, choosing a second writing course

By: Tony Grigg
Madeira, Ohio
Geography, Society and the Environment

As the time rolls around where we students get to sign up for new classes you might be thinking to yourself, what do I want to take this semester? Of course, you want every class to be interesting, and that is usually the case with courses in your major, but what about all those gosh darn GE’s? You heard from this friend this class is easy, and from your other friend that class is hard. As cheesy as it is, every student has a yearning to take classes that help them grow, though it might be buried really deep.

This semester for my second writing course and final GE, I chose Agricultural Communication 2367. Coming from a background completely absent of agricultural roots, it shocked many of my friends why I would take such a class, but I haven’t regretted it for one second. Not only has this class helped me enhance my writing style and range of writing skills, but it also influences very important areas of my life that I first overlooked. Studying contemporary and often controversial aspects of agriculture topics, such as fracking or GMOs, a whole new world of viewpoints I haven’t even thought about has presented itself to me. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the class is mainly comprised of students from agricultural backgrounds, who really have firsthand experience and informed opinions on these topics. Along with my colleagues, we have brought in several guest speakers who are experts on our areas of interest. Altogether, it really has provided a basis for much more critical thinking on my part, which is always a positive to take out into everyday life.

Tony Grigg, photo 1

Another great aspect about this class is the fact that the issues are contemporary, as well as tangible, as in GMOs affect not just the nation’s food supply, but my personal supply and diet as well. That is the advantage the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences holds over all other schools, it affects everyone in daily life, including you!

Tony Grigg, photo 2

Overall, AGRCOMM 2367 has made me a much better-rounded and credible thinker thus far, and it is only halfway through the semester! Of course, none of this influence came without resistance, as at first it was hard for me to really resonate with some of my colleagues’ opinions, but they really did affect me positively after a while, and I am truly happier for it. So, when looking for classes to take, do not reflect on whether a class is easy or tough, but rather how it can present an opportunity for you to grow in knowledge and character. In the words of Frederick Douglas, “Without struggle, there can be no progress.”

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