A Whole New World

By: Adam Kaddoura
Yorba Linda, California
Evolution and Ecology

Agricultural tourism can establish the foundations to understand the world of agriculture. Opening a whole new world to growing individuals, and allowing them to determine the importance of a business, a business that has been at the foundation of society since the beginning of man. As the members in the agriculture sector the responsibility to spread this knowledge to our youth across the country, falls directly on our shoulders. No longer can we have children grow up and not understand the duties of a farmer; no longer can we allow children to sit down at the dinner table and not wonder where their food came from; no longer can we allow a society that shrugs off the work of the local farmers.

Growing up in California, I was emerged in a society that was supposed to be an agricultural power house for the United States. Despite living in a state with great agricultural power, I was tucked away from ever understanding the duties that my local farmers performed on a daily basis to provide food for my family.  Day in and day out, I was part of a world I had no idea I was a part of. Consuming the food provided for me by the thousands of people that make up the agricultural sector of my community. I didn’t know nor did I care of the world that was secretly the biggest part of my life.

Adam K, photo 1

Click on the infographic to see what part of California your food comes from.

Spreading agricultural tourism across the nation will allow all children to become exposed to the world which runs their lives. In doing so, we will generate a population that is willing to increase the power and status of agriculture.


Adam wrote this blog post as part of an in class assignment for the Agricultural Communication 2367 course. All opinions are his own.

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