Fun at the MAiZE

By: Konner Kelly
Hilliard, Ohio
Art Management

As an arts management major at OSU, most of my classes have required me to go to art-related events at various galleries and museums around Columbus.  But for an agricultural communication class I’m currently taking, I was required to go to a different type of venue; an agri-tourism site.  At the start of this assignment for AGRCOMM 2367, I didn’t even know what agri-tourism was, or that I already had some previous experience with the agri-tourism industry by shopping at local farmers’ markets in Hilliard or going on hay-rides with friends.  So at the start of this agri-tourism assignment, I had no idea where I should go or what I should do.  Luckily, a friend suggested that I check out The MAiZE at Little Darby Creek, and I’m extremely thankful that they did.

The MAiZE at Little Darby Creek is a farm that is located in the beautiful, rural area of Milford Center (which is a few miles west of Plain City).  The MAiZE at Little Darby Creek has a lot to offer, like hay-rides, berry-picking, a petting zoo, and even laser tag (which I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to play).  Their attraction that I was most excited about, though, was their 9-acre corn maze.

The corn maze, which has been designed to resemble OSU’s Archie Griffin for this season, was a ton of fun to explore!  While the thought of wandering through a complex corn maze might sound daunting to the non-adventurous, the staff at the farm helps to mitigate this by putting up “Passport Stops” throughout the maze.  Each Passport Stop corresponds with a slip of paper you pick out before entering the maze that essentially tests your knowledge in the area of trivia that you choose by asking a question, and if you answer the question correctly, the slip of paper will point you in the right direction.  This made navigating the maze a lot easier than I thought it’d be, but if you don’t answer a question correctly at a Passport Stop, you might end up walking around in circles.  Even with these Passport Stops to help me out, I still ended up getting lost for about thirty minutes or so, but it was still a great time.

Konner Corn Maze (1) (2)

If you think that this sounds like fun, you should check out The MAiZE at Little Darby Creek’s website,  The farm has a ton to offer to city-dwellers such as myself, so if you’re bored on a weekend and want something fun to do, you should give it a shot.  And since registration for classes is coming up, any OSU students who aren’t sure about which classes they should take for next semester should check out what is being offered by the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, ; my experiences have been nothing but good so far.

Konner wrote this blog post as part of an in class assignment for the agricultural communication 2367 class. All opinions are his own.


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