My Time with Teays Valley

By: Emily Burns
Baltimore, Ohio
Agriscience Education

 This past May I had the amazing opportunity to spend 10 days with the Teays Valley FFA Chapter and High School. I got the chance to work with Mr. Aaron Hansleman and Mr. Josh Bluck while I was there, along with over 100 students.

I was not sure what to expect to get out of my Early Field Experience, but I can honestly say I learned more than I think I could have from any college class. I never stopped learning new things and it has made me very excited and motivated to be the best Ag teacher I can!

We spent most of each day in the shop, but I had the opportunity to attend State FFA Convention, visit their FFA farms, and help the students as they educated elementary students with Soil and Water Conservation. In the shop I got to learn about, and help with, some of their different projects including picnic tables, stools, engines, and some students had even designed their own wood projects.

I also had the opportunity to not only ask Mr. Hansleman and Mr. Bluck questions, but the students as well. I took one day to do surveys for each of the classes I was observing and when I was done with the surveys I had a quick Food Science lesson that I presented to the class with some taste testing and funny activities. During another day, I had the privilege to teach the juniors how to oxy-acetylene cut. This was an experience since I had not done much shop work in 3 years, but it was a great way for me to find things to work on!

Emily Burns, photo 1

Ms. Burns shows students at Teays Valley how to make a cut.


While I was there I also spent time in the main part of the school observing some of the senior’s favorite teachers.  They wanted me to not only be able to see shop work, but also how to teach in a classroom. This was great because I saw how much collaboration and cooperation is necessary from all teachers in the school to make an FFA chapter and agriculture program run. Now I feel very prepared for what I am going into and I cannot wait to become an Ag teacher!

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