Early Field Experience in Extension

Ericka Priest
Van Wert, Ohio
Community Leadership, Community & Extension Education

My early field experience was a real eye opener and positive experience. At the Ohio State University Van Wert County Extension Office my two weeks of experience were filled with multiple opportunities and friendly people everywhere. At the office, I worked on letters for animal taggings, cloverbud camp promotions, answering phone calls, and handling questions and problems that came into the office from the public. I also started working on getting judges ready for miscellaneous project judging. Outside of the office there were multiple different teaching opportunities.

Ericka Priest, photo 3

I was able to go to Lincolnview High School and talk to their seniors about college and the requirements of academics and financial needs. I was also able to go to Van Wert High School and help put on the Real Money Real World program to the government class from both Van Wert and Lincolnview High Schools. Other teaching opportunities I had were: horse quality assurance and a 4-H counselor meeting. Heather Gottke, 4-H youth and leadership programmer in Van Wert County, also gave the opportunity of going to the board meeting for Camp Palmer.

Ericka Priest, photo 1

This whole experience was an eye opener on how much time and dedication it takes to become an educator in extension. Extension is more than just 4-H, with all parts working together it makes a huge impact to the community.


Thanks Ericka for sharing about your Early Field Experience.

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