My Early Field Experience in Morrow County

Krysti Dubler
Bowling Green, Ohio
Community Leadership, Community and Extension Education

During the first two weeks of May this past spring I had the awesome opportunity to complete my early field experience in Morrow County under 4-H Extension Educator Becky Barker.  During my time there I was able to take part in many different aspects of Morrow County 4-H and assist in the planning and preparation processes of multiple events.

One of my favorite events I was able to help with was the Morrow County Environmental Day for second graders held at Mt. Gilead State Park.

Environmental Day is a collaboration between many different entities in Morrow County and OSU Extension through which second graders take a field trip to Mt. Gilead State Park to learn about all aspects of the environment ranging from watersheds and weather patterns to seeds and wild turkeys.  Each lesson throughout the day is relatable to what is being taught in their science classes.

4-H in the classroom is one thing that I have never really been exposed to but during my time in Morrow County Becky and I went to Mt. Gilead Elementary School twice a week to teach 3rd and 4th graders about agriculture.  The lessons Becky taught in each session were always hands on and interactive to keep the students interested and present throughout the one hour session.

The students found the lessons on eggs and chickens to be the most interesting because each were given their own individual egg which was placed in an incubator to grow and hatch by the end of the month of May.

My favorite memories from my time in 4-H were while I was a camp counselor and Jr. Fair Board member.  There were two quality assurance sessions, a Jr.

Fair Board meeting and a camp counselors meeting during my two weeks that I was able to attend.  I really enjoyed seeing how different and similar procedures and rules are between my home county and Morrow county in these areas.  That is one thing I love about 4-H – every county is different in the way their 4-H camp, Jr. Fair Board, CarTeens, etc. are handled and each county has their own perfect blend of their events.

My time in Morrow County was an invaluable experience.  I met some of the most “4-H spirited” people who are involved in Morrow County 4-H in one way or another to help improve the opportunities youth have through 4-H.  My Early Field Experience in Morrow County helped me solidify my decision of becoming an Extension Educator in the future.


Thanks Krysti for sharing about your Early Field Experience!

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