Why You Should Attend the ACEL Visit Day

 Mariah Stollar
Marietta, Ohio
Community Leadership
Community & Extension Education

It was the fall of my senior year, which was a time of much anticipation.  I had just finished the application process to The Ohio State University, and I was extremely anxious to find out whether or not I would officially become a buckeye. Shortly after, I heard there was a visit day specifically for the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership (ACEL) at Ohio State.  I decided to attend because I chose the Community Leadership major when I applied and thought this would be a great way to learn more about it.

I had visited Ohio State my junior year with the Experience OSU for a Day program. I learned a lot about the university and the Agricultural Communication and Community Leadership majors specifically.  Shadowing a student was also a great part of the experience, and it made me realize that I could see myself at this university.  Because I had such a great experience on this visit, I was even more inclined to attend the ACEL Visit Day.

On the visit day, everyone in CFAES was extremely welcoming.  I met several Community Leadership majors, students with similar majors, staff and several professors from CFAES.  The students and faculty were extremely eager to get to know me and answer my questions.  I was also given a tour of CFAES.  While my dad attended the financial aid session, I attended a sessions in which Community Leadership majors presented the types of classes that were required.  They also discussed several of the student organizations offered in the college, many of which I hadn’t even heard of before.

Overall, it was an enjoyable visit.  It solidified my decision in choosing The Ohio State University and CFAES.  The visit also gave me a better idea of what to expect in college.  If you are even considering a major in the ACEL department, check out this visit day!

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