Naegleria mitochondrial 16S-like rRNA in the DNA Databases

Nine sequences for the Naegleria mitochondrial small ribosomal subunit (16S-like) rRNA gene have been determined.    The first sequence was part of the the complete mitochondrial DNA genome sequences of  N. gruberi.  A second sequence comes from the complete mitochondrial DNA genome sequence of  N. fowleri.  The remaining sequences were from a study comparing the nuclear rRNA spacer region with the mitochondrial 16S-like sequences of the same isolates.   

Sequences of the 16S-like rRNA gene in the DNA databases for Naegleria range in length from 1475 to 1579 bp.   References for the sequences and accession numbers are given on an attached page

The tree obtained from these nine sequences is shown in the attached figure, and shows two distinct clusters, as expected, from the 18S rRNA genes of these species. One cluster is associated with N. gruberi, and the other with N. fowleri. 












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