Workshop Welcome and Instructions

victory-on-computerWelcome to the Engineering Academic Success online workshop! Our goal is to help you jump start your academic performance this semester. This workshop will help you understand your academic standing, identify strengths and obstacles, and create goals and action plans to achieve academic success.

How long will it take to complete the workshop?
You should plan to spend around 30 minutes to complete this workshop. It is offered entirely online, so you can do it anytime, even when you are away from campus.

When is the deadline for completing the workshop?
We strongly recommend completing the workshop before the semester starts, since it involves setting goals and starting off strong. Also, students who completed the workshop before the start of the semester were much more likely to return to good academic standing than students who completed it later. At the latest, you should complete this workshop by the third Friday of the semester. If you haven’t completed the workshop by this deadline, you will have a scheduling hold placed on your Buckeye Link account. You will not be able to schedule future courses until you have completed the workshop.

What is covered in the workshop?
We start with the basics — what is your academic standing, minimum standards you need to meet to continue at Ohio State, avoiding academic dismissal and the process for reinstatement. However, the majority of the workshop will focus on setting you up for success — exploring your strengths, identifying obstacles in your path, finding resources to utilize, and creating goals and action steps to achieve those goals. The last step will be a quick quiz to ensure you are prepared for the semester and have an understanding of your options and expectations.

Do I need to have anything for the workshop?
The only item you need to “bring” is a willingness to reflect on past experiences and an openness to trying a new approach. We will guide you through everything else!

Ready to get started? Great! Let’s begin with the first section, an overview of your academic standing.

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