Mary Bailey Advising Award – Past Recipients

2023: Alison Baker and Heather Kerr

2022: Amy Collins-Warfield and Laura Whitaker

2021: Liz McGinnis and Heather Saling

2020: Brooke O’Leary and Max Gulick

2019: Joanna Spanos and Hannah C. Bushman

2018: Nicole Vangas and Katie Watkins

2017: Jackie von Spiegel and Sarah Howard

2016: Margo Coates and Steven Mousetes

2015: Peter Spreitzer and Shannon Peltier

2014: Danielle Whitaker and Andrea Evans

2013: Stephanie Elliot and Dana Kuchem

2012: Kristen Rupert and Aurelia Kubayanda

2011: Kim Bader and Cory Matyas

2010: Sarah Odum and Michael Mason

2009: Mary Bailey and Lyndsey Anderson

2007: Nikki Strader and Erica Lee

2006: Lori Martenson and Barb Gladman

2005: Paul Heimberger and Karyl Shirkey

2004: Jennifer DeGraaf, Amy Lahmers, and David Wells

2003: Lakshmi Dutta and Gloria Eyerly

2002: Rob Chabot, Kyle Morgan, and Peg Steele

2001: Beth Dowling-Sergio and Melinda McDonald

2000: Jogy Das and Peggy Strow

1999: Wayne DeYoung and Carolyn Jensen

1998: Judith Berenstein and Judith Monson

1997: Caroline Redding and Tom Davenport

1996: Mark Giese and Peg Steele