2019 End-of-Year Banquet!

Academic advising is critical to student success on campus and, every year, ACADAOS celebrates the amazing work that advisors do on a daily basis by hosting the End-of-Year Banquet! Congratulations to the following advisors, who were nominated for this year’s banquet awards, and a special congratulations to our award recipients!

Outstanding Advisor Award Nominees

Lyndsey Anderson

Hannah Bushman (award recipient)

Lindsey Lee

Melissa Salmon

Joanna Spanos (award recipient)

Alex Thomas

Audrey Van Ostran

Outstanding Advising Administrator Award Nominees

Brian Endres (award recipient)


Thank you to ALL advisors for the important work that you do every day on behalf of our students and our campus community!

Check out some photos from our banquet below. Photo credit to Lindsay McGory for these great shots!


April 2019 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done this month! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your departments and OSU!

Katie Miller Katie Miller is a fabulous advisor for many reasons. She takes a personal interest in all her students, allowing her to have conversations that build upon one another over time. Her ability to remember details that students share is uncanny and leads to students feeling cared for as individuals. She often checks up on students who she knows are navigating personal and academic difficulties to provide additional support and she never shies away from having hard conversations with students and providing appropriate counsel to help them reach their goals. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty, seeking input to improve advising services in our department and providing guidance for our departmental Academic Affairs Committee when considering changes to classes or curriculum. Everything she does is with students in mind, whether it be advising a first year student to schedule classes or organizing recognition for our departmental scholarship recipients. Though this alone is enough to recommend her as the Advisor of the Month, she finds time to invest in the student assistants that work in our department, providing mentorship and professional development through intentional and effective supervision. In a field that often focuses on graduate student education, Katie continuously advocates for departmental decisions that support our undergraduate students’ success.
Luis Rodriguez-Saona Luis is an amazing person who always makes time for students. This semester we had a student who needed to take two classes at the same time, in order to fill the requirements of her two majors, and still graduate this semester. Initially the instructor was adamant that she had to attend class, but through Luis’s diligence, he finally convinced him to let her do the lectures independent study and only come to the labs and exams. Happily, she is graduating this semester.
Mary Kay Pohlschneider Mary Kay goes above and beyond to help her advisees. She was the individual who helped me not only with my major change but also was the person I went to when I was thinking about accepting my job. Mary Kay is always so kind and willing to talk. I recently went to her with issues I was having with another professor and she listened and offered her advice and perspective. I can’t begin to explain how much Mary Kay has helped me over the past 4 years, but she would be a well deserving recipient of this award.
Melissa Basford Melissa is a wonderful advising colleague and a fantastic program manager for the Biological Sciences Scholars program. She is very well organized, student centered, dependable, and very supportive and helpful when called upon with various questions relating to OSU policies and procedures, GE and major requirements, and technology related questions. She is willing to share ideas and suggestions in order to provide efficient and effective advising services for our students. As the program manager for the BIO SCI Scholars program, Melissa provides many excellent opportunities for students to gain academic information, leadership opportunities, social engagement, and community service experiences. She hosted several wonderful events for the students in the BIO SCI Scholars program during the month of April..including a very nice end of the year dinner and awards ceremony. Melissa is a great asset to our office, our Biology students, and for the students in the BIO SCI Scholars program!
Leah Schuh In addition to her advising load, Leah is responsible for coordinating summer orientations, campus change requests, managing EHE 1100, processing major applications, and much more. Leah is an monumental asset to the EHE UGSS team and has an unwavering passion for student success!

And the winners of the ACADAOS raffle are… Luis Rodriguez-Saona & Melissa Basford!

March 2019 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the amazing things our advising colleagues have done this month! Thank you to each of you for all your hard work!

Alex Thomas Alex has helped our department create a summer scholarship for research. He had this additional responsibility during the busiest time of the year- SCHEDULING! Alex also is always willing to answer questions and serve our advising team and department team in any way he can.
Amy Selby Amy really has stepped up in a lot of areas in our office. We appreciate her taking the lead on most things OnCourse and sharing lots of valuable information from trainings she has attended.
Jim Lingo Jim has been a trooper during this busy time of advising here in EHE, he is always positive and always here to support me when I have questions. He is a great advisor and coworker! He steps up when he feels like he should, he is a born leader and doing some great things in the advising community.
Barry Tolchin The past few months, Barry has really stepped up in his office. Being down 2 advisors, he took on all duties handled by our office in addition to our advising load, including managing scholarships, assisting faculty, scheduling courses , managing our industry mentorship program, assisting our student organizations, coordinating our Undergraduate Studies Committee, and more. Barry is an asset to our department. He continues to exemplify what it means to be a true leader and advocate for our students. We are lucky to have him and really appreciate all of his hard work!
Liz Riter I could nominate Liz every month. She just came back from maternity leave, and never missed a beat. She consistently takes on extra responsibilities within the office, and creates a very positive and student-centered atmosphere. I am constantly amazed at her productivity, ability to balance everything we have going on, and genuine care for our students, faculty, and staff.

And the winners of the ACADAOS raffle are… Alex Thomas & Liz Riter!

February 2019 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the amazing things our advising colleagues have done this month! Thank you to each of you for all your hard work!

Ericka Gunn Ericka is meticulous in advising students. She is a very authentic colleague.
Angie Lecount Melamed Angie has been representing Chemistry & Biochemistry at the Science, Math & More recruiting events this semester, and went the extra mile by attending the Connection Fair at OSU Newark. She even answers student e-mails after hours – hooray for Angie!
Kathryn Dove Kathryn is a great coworker and someone who I can always count on to deliver the goods. Kathryn is especially talented when it comes to creating visually appealing PowerPoints that are understandable for the audience–whether that be prospective students or NFYS. Kathryn has recently updated our PPTs for the various Buckeye Bound presentations and is helping tremendously with survey revisions. I am happy to have her on staff and I learn so much from her. Thanks for all of your hard work, Kathryn!

And the winner of the ACADAOS raffle is… Kathryn Dove!

January 2019 Advisor of the Month

Please check out some of the amazing things our advising colleagues have done this month! Thank you for all your hard work!

Diana Devol Bevilacqua With Math Advising being low staffed again for the month of January, Diana Devol Bevilacqua worked extra hard to handle additional emails, walk-ins and appointments. Her extra efforts are recognized and greatly appreciated!!

Congratulations Diana!