ACADAOS Holiday Gatherings 2021

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Hello ACADAOS Community!

ACADAOS is hosting TWO options for holiday gathering this year, one virtual and one in-person.  Attendance at both is encouraged if your schedule and preferences allow for it.

  • The in-person gathering is Wednesday, Dec 15 from 11:30am-1pm in 285/289 SAS on the Columbus campus.  Bring your own lunch but we plan to provide drinks and light snacks.
  • The virtual gathering is Tuesday, Dec 14 at 4pm on Zoom.

While full details will be sent in early December, we ask that you complete this very quick RSVP on Qualtrics with your likelihood of attending either event as this will help the Outreach and Engagement team with planning.  “Might attend” is an option if you cannot commit yet so please respond sooner rather than later, and by Dec 8 at the latest.

Thank you for all that you do!

The ACADAOS Outreach and Engagement Committee

Leslie Dowler, co-chair
Kris Wethington, co-chair
Brad Burton
Brandon Hines


Blane Harding – NACADA Academic Advising Workshop

The Academic Advising Association of The Ohio State University and The Office of Student Academic Success (Transition and Academic Growth) have partnered to host a workshop facilitated by the National Academic Advising Association on Tuesday, September 28th from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST on Zoom.

Blane Harding is the former Director of Diversity Engagement for the Office of Inclusion and Diversity at Virginia Tech University and currently serves as a national consultant. He also served as the Director of Advising, Recruitment, and Retention for the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno from 2017-2020 as well as the Director of The Cultural Center at the University of Nevada Reno from 2015-2017. He retired from Colorado State University, after 24 years of service, in 2012 where he served as the Director of Advising, Recruitment, and Retention for the College of Liberal Arts as well as a professor in the Ethnic Studies Department. Mr. Harding served as a retention faculty member with the Council for Opportunity in Education which oversees the national TRIO programs as well as a faculty member, for 16 years, and past Chair of the Summer Institute Advisory Board for the National Academic Advising Association and Chair of their Multicultural Concerns Commission. In 2018 he was recognized as the Leading Light Award Winner presented to a NACADA member in recognition of significant contributions to diversity within NACADA.

Topics for workshop:

  • Difference between cultural competence/effectiveness and cultural humanity
  • Relationship between power, influence, and privilege
  • Unconscious bias related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Advising as teaching
  • Difference between equity and equality and impacts on retention
  • Identifying barriers that hinder student and advisor success

Worksheets for the workshop will be provided leading up to the meeting for those who register. We hope to see you there!

Registration is required for the workshop. Please see registration link below:

NACADA Regional Conference: Post Game Recap…a few weeks later

By: Christine Meadows, Knowlton School

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy attending professional conferences—either in person or virtual (although my preference will always be in person). They help ground me and reaffirm why I do what I do. This spring’s Regional Conference (Region 3 & 5) did just that. Kuddos to the organizers for coordinating and executing a successful virtual experience!

When I began looking at session topics, I wanted to be intentional: find sessions that apply directly to the initiatives I oversee in my office and sessions on topics that I was genuinely interested in learning more about. When I selected my sessions, they all had a general theme of working with students in academic difficulty: students in the murky middle or helping students recover and everyone and everything in between. I attended the following sessions:

  • Collaborative strategies for retention and academic remediation
  • Please answer my email! What academic advisors can learn from marketing best practices
  • Leveraging advising technologies to strengthen proactive advising
  • Developing an advising retention & student success program for students on academic probation
  • Coaching the murky middle: strategies for a successful advising intervention
  • The never-ending onion: peeling back the layers of academic actions

I won’t bore everyone with the details, but there a few takeaways from each session that I hope to continue to apply in my day to day responsibilities:

  • Collaboration is Key—break down the silos between our units and reach out to colleagues at other institutions. Due to the increase of our online presence, this has never been easier!
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel, but you can always modify programs/initiatives to your specific student population.
  • The word count in an email matters—who knew?!? The information I learned in the marketing best practices session was super helpful.
  • Advising Retention and Student Success Programs—see note about collaboration and reinventing the wheel. I hope we can continue to share our ideas through the Academic Advising teams channel about what our units do to support our students in academic difficulty.
  • Academic actions—phraseology matters.

Next Steps

Like many of you, I am gearing up from NFYS/K orientations. While I might be preoccupied supporting these specific student populations, I plan to assess my unit’s academic success module (what’s working/what’s not) along with hopefully creating a communication strategy with my colleagues on outreach to our students. I know I suffer from post-conference energy—I want to do all the things and implement new initiatives within my unit (not sure if that happens to you after a conference). I am easing into it and will refresh a few of our programs for the fall!

Thanks for humoring me on this post!


ACADAOS Election 2021

The annual election process for ACADAOS is upon us.  In addition to officer positions, committee chair positions are a part of the election process. ACADAOS welcomes and encourages nominations from advisors across all campuses with any length of experience in advising!

Officer position duties are listed on page three of the ACADAOS constitution. You may also review the committee mission statements.

You can sign up to run for an elected position or recommend an advising colleague! To submit a nomination, please click on the link below. You will be asked to submit a rationale for your nomination. If you’re signing up to run for a position, this will be your campaign statement; if you’re recommending someone else for the role, please include a brief statement about why you’re making the recommendation, and we’ll reach out to that advisor for their acceptance and an official campaign statement!


Deadline for nominations: April 2, 2021

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Membership & Recruitment Committee Chair, Mohamad

Professional Development Autumn 2020 Calendar

Hello ACADAOS Members,

The Professional Development Committee has published their Autumn 2020 Professional Development Opportunities. Please add these sessions and workshops to your calendar and earn your professional development points. Any questions, feel free to reach out to Professional Development Committee Members. 

Looking forward to a great semester learning together!